The Front Fell Off

The Clintons have been masterful at playing the race card. Bill famously criticized Sister Souljah in1992 to garner votes from fearful whites without sacrificing his support by African Americans. Bill may have lost his touch a little though, as evidenced by his alienation of many, if not most, African Americans by belittling Obama’s win in South Carolina. Hillary is now taking a play at it through Geraldine Ferraro, who sounds a lot like Clarence Thomas on affirmative action. Obviously Hillary has abandoned all hope of garnering any of the black vote and is hoping to gain back the vote that was lost in Bill’s Sister Soulja comments so long ago.

Because of the inflammatory nature of topics and discussions among members of the Clinton Camp, they have taken to speaking in metaphores and using code words. A “tanker” is a campaign strategy that is floated out there. Clinton has many “tankers” out there. Geraldine’s tanker is a scandalous one and is not working as smoothly as the Sister Souljah ploy. In Clinton coded parlance “the front fell off.” Here is a secretly filmed discussion between members of Clinton’s inner circle.from www.hutton-web-desig posted with vodpod

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