Rifts Between the Clintons

The Clintons are at odds on the necessary qualifications for the oval office. Bill believes that Obama is better qualified than McCain, while Hillary believes that she and McCain are better qualified than Obama. In fact she believes that Obama is not qualified for the position at all. This dispute between the Clinton’s has apparently been long-standing, as in 1992 Bill contended that experience in state government was abundantly adequate for the job of president. Hillary’s brooding silence on this topic during the campaign foreshadowed the expression of her present position.

As First Lady she became accustomed to Bill’s 3:00 a.m. calls, although presumably Bill excused himself after receiving them. The Obama’s cannot claim any such experience, although I’m a little surprised that Hillary brings up Bills nocturnal calls. Bill publicly stated that he did not feel that this was relevant to his ability to govern.

Hillary voted to authorize Bush to go to war but has since said she did not think that he would precipitously do it after calling for the emergency authorization. This is much like Bill admitting he smoked marijuata but saying that he didn’t inhale. But once again the Clinton’s part ways, as Hillary has questioned Bush’s war authorization, while Bill didn’t think that you needed any authorization at all to bomb Iraq.

2 Responses to Rifts Between the Clintons

  1. jposty says:

    It’s the art of double speak in conjunction with spin courtesy of Mainstream Media.

    They know that they can say anything to gain or maintain power and that any kind of double speak will give the pundits rise, and will subsequently disect all the ins and outs of what they said while leaving the real issue in the dust. It has worked for them for years… why stop now?


  2. gasdocpol says:

    Is Hillary trying to do one of those murder/suicide things ?

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