The Circle is Unbroken, Now Let’s Move On.

We started off with people pretending to be shocked by the views of some on the Christian right whose endorsement McCain coveted. This seemed false to me as their views are old news and McCain has been courting the religious right for a long time now.

Then the media delighted at finding a few moments of video featuring Jeremiah Wright. A spectacle was made of this without any effort at anything but spectacle. That cycle seemed to end when the heavily redacted Clinton papers were released, showing among other things that poor Hillary wasn’t being entirely forthright with us in saying that she has always been against NAFTA. (Turns out she was right beside her husband, not in saying this was being forced on the administration by a Republican Congress, but in claiming that it was a good thing.

Now though, almost like an afterthought, Barbara Ehrenreich, has closed the circle by calling our attention to Clinton’s affiliation with a powerful right wing religious cult.

These pseudo-scandals bring out the dark side of politics and the worst aspect of the media. I hope this latest revelation permits us to refocus on policy.


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