Bush Foreign Policy: A Bee in a Jar

Last month from Israel Bush accused Obama of being a modern Nazi appeaser by proposing that diplomacy be attempted with Iran. John Bolton on Fox TV celebrated these words and denounced the appeasers who would engage in diplomacy with Iran. McCain jumped on the band wagon and called Obama naive for suggesting such a thing.

Today, about three weeks later Dana Perino said: “We are trying to solve this diplomatically” when asked about comments that Israel intends to attack Iran to disable the facilities our National Security Estimate said are benign. Isn’t this what Bush called appeasement? How can Bush in Israel of all places compare a country with Nazi Germany, reject diplomacy as even worthy of consideration, an blanch at Israel’s apparent intention to attack?

You sure get the impression of a lot of angry directionless buzzing from Washington DC. It seems like our direction though is governed, not by policy, but the shifting winds of politics and a changing sense of expedience.  Apparently Bush’s grandiose appeasement speech was intended merely as a political attack from foreign soil on a candidate for president of this country and not as a serious policy announcement.  (Thank goodness, I think.)

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