Mariners fire batting coach.

The Mariners’ unerring executives took the first step in rooting out the team’s problems. It is clear that the executives hired superb baseball talent and have infused the team with inspiration. Obviously though no one has explained to the players how to use the equipment. The equipment getting the least use has been the team’s supply of bats. Some one needs to tell the players how to use them. Now that we’ve fired the guy that was supposed to do that, things should be fine.

But let’s not stop there. The bat boy is supposed to take care of bats and obviously is not doing his job. He’s got to go. The Mariners don’t need a bat boy; they need Batman.

Another problem is that attendance is down. We should fire the ticket people at the gate. They are not scanning enough tickets.

Good first step Mariners. Keep it up!

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