McCain’s tv ad

Senator McCain is running a television ad in key states and on national cable which portrays him as a strong environmental leader. The ad is on you tube


The ad puts in sharp relief the inherent tension in McCain’s campaign. He is described as “standing up to the president.” This is softer than actually opposing his policies but at the same time distancing him from Bush.

McCain needs Bush’s support for fund raising and to secure Bush’s base but at the same time Bush is perhaps the least popular president ever, certainly in recent history. So McCain must present himself as a contrast to Bush.  The ad is accurate in portraying him as one of the few Republicans who acknowledged global warming and accepted the science that supported the theory when there was a presidential fiat declaring that there was no such thing.

He has chosen the environment and global warming as a signature campaign issue despite having refused to vote on all key environmental legislation in the Senate.

All the vague references to his interest and effort in the environmental arena are references to efforts in years past and certainly not to his recent voting record. He vaguely talks about a plan which as far as we can tell is quite similar to the one that just failed in Congress.  His recent record is absolutely the worst in the Senate for having failed to support anything. He is doing this in order not to lose support from utilities and industry.

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