Washington’s Political Attack Machine

The Building Industry Association of Washington has said that it will not focus attention on the judicial race this fall, preferring to funnel its money into the governor’s race. The B.I.A.W.’s participation in the last judicial election caused it to be the most undignified and misleading judicial campaign in memory.

The B.I.A.W.’s support of Republican Rossi in the gubernatorial race promises to make this campaign the sleaziest governor’s race we’ve seen. (More than a trade organization, the B.I.A.W. is the Republican Party’s “hatchet man.”)This approach was announced in the B.I.A.W.’s newsletter which called Gregoire “a heartless, power-hungry she-wolf who would eat her own young to get ahead.” Rarely does a person have a chance to read such hysterical hate mongering as the article that appeared in the newsletter.

A good account of the B.I.A.W.’s contribution to the campaign appeared in Joel Connelly’s column on June 10.

The State Democratic Party has asked Rossi to denounce the B.I.A.W, as an attack machine. With the Times, P.I. and News Tribune all having called attention to the unwelcome tactics of the B.I.A.W., Rossi’s partnership with this organization could backfire.

It is hard to believe that such a vicious political machine can thrive here is Washington. Not only is it a dominant force in elections but it seems to have the state legislature and Democratic Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp, under its control.


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