Obama’s Advisers Supported the Iraq War

Obama announced last week his foreign policy group. Its members are identified here. This group certainly does nothing by its membership to suggest change of any sort. I’m sure that the group was composed with an eye to appearing solid on national security. But goodness what a bunch of retreads.

The interesting and intellectual group that assisted early in the campaign are all gone and replaced by people — at least those on record — who supported the war that Obama has so famously criticized. Hillary Clinton’s support of the war wa probably more conditional than that of these advisers. Given the adamance of Susan Rice and Tim Roemer about invading Iraq, I wonder whether they’d like to bomb Iran if given the chance.


One Response to Obama’s Advisers Supported the Iraq War

  1. Politics is also unpredictable. No one four years ago could have predicted that in the US an African-American Democratic Barack Obama would defeat Hillary Clinton, the predicted woman candidate competing for the presidency of the United States in 2008 she will urge her backers to bankroll t Obama’s bid, No one likely would have predicted that the Conservative Stephen Harper the Canadian PM of a minority government would last even this long.

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