Osama Bin Laden and Nostradamus

July 8, 2008

Remember ten years ago? When the price of gas was $11 a barrel? That was one of the things that ticked Osama Bin Laden off. (He of course was in the minority of people who supported the invasion of Iraq, as it would eliminate a sworn enemy, Sadam, destabilize the region and inspire opposition to the U.S. As we know, according to our National Intelligence Estimate these things have come to pass.)

But before the invasion the price of gas irked Bin Laden. When asked what the price should be he responded $144 per barrel. It seems that even this ambition has been realized, as the price is now at Bin Laden’s prescribed level.

Bush on Iraq civil war: what?

July 8, 2008

When Bush was asked whether we are in the middle of a civil war instead of fighting terror, his response I found baffling. He seems to say that terrorists are behind the civil war but what does that mean in terms of foreign policy? We will intercede in civil wars instigated by terrorists? I believe I’ve read quite a bit about how this civil war could have been averted with any sort of coherent post-Sadam strategy. In any case doesn’t this policy more or less deprive us of initiative and leave us reacting to terrorists?

McCain: a Balanced Budget?

July 8, 2008

McCain is focusing more on domestic issues and particularly the economy. He has announced that he will balance the budget and while their is some confusion about whether that would occur during the first term or the second term (which McCain pointedly has declined to speculate about until this moment), I can’t help but wonder how this is possible.

I have thought that this was a critical issue and was disappointed by McCain’s announcement that he would significantly increase defense spending while cutting taxes. This formula was followed by Reagan and resulted in deficit spending, by H. W. Bush and resulted in deficit spending. W. has dogmatically followed the prescription with historic deficits. McCain announced that he will follow Bush’s program, exept greatly expand the factors that lead to the deficit.

Now he’s saying that he will in four or eight years balance the budget. How?