Democratic Convention

There has already been a lot said and written about the Democratic Party’s efforts to hide Denver’s 4000 homeless people during the convention that is coming up.  They are getting tickets to movies and the zoo and free transportation to these distant venues.  To show that they are not trying to further disenfranchise this group, televisions have been provided to shelters that are sufficiently distant from the convention that people at those shelters are unlikely to appear on the screen.

I listen to Rush Limbaugh and he can hardly control his delight with this situation. Radio station 1090 that runs liberal programming does not seem to feature much discussion of this.

The thing about this that strikes me is that an important part of Obama’s campaign involves calling attention to poverty in America.  It seems to me that this program hurts Obama by making him appear to be a hypocrite.  He has cast two very important votes against what he has said that he stands for and many people are struggling to understand this.  These votes were on the Energy Bill and FISA.  This program to hide the homeless does nothing to help people resolve the appearance of ambiguity with respect to Obama’s positions.

At the same time the chairman of the Democratic Leadership Committee is campaigning to minimize the influence of the anti-war people with respect to the Democratic Party’s political stance.

Obama’s emergence as a party leader has been something to behold.  The enthusiasm and breadth of support that he created were a rarity.  It was in some respects a populist political movement.  The Democratic Party’s embrace of this candidate however threatens to douse the fire of the movement.


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