Offshore Drilling

It looks like the Democrats are backing off their earlier position that there should be no offshore drilling.  I understand that this will not lead to an increase in oil production for 10 to 20 years and then the increase will have only the slightest effect on the price at the pump.  John McCain acknowledged this when he said that offshore drilling was important for “psychological purposes.”  What I would like from the Democrats is an explanation of why it is now appropriate to pursue this avenue.  Here is a map prepared by the Sierra Club showing presently available drilling sites that are not in use.

Since I wrote this I got a comment about how we need offshore drilling to lower gas prices.  There is a geovernment study concluding that new offshore drilling will not have that impact.  What am I missing here?


One Response to Offshore Drilling

  1. Erica says:

    We need to do more offshore drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf – this among other things will help the price of gas come down. Show your support for a Five Year Plan that includes more drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf by visiting and signing the letter.

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