Clinton Supporters for McCain?

CNN reports without any details that there was a “Clinton supporters for McCain” party in Denver.  This would have been a good opportunity for serious reporting.  How many were at the party? Where was it? Who are these people?  Why would people who wanted Clinton so disrespect her beliefs?

I have been looking for someone from of this persuasion and I have been unable to find anyone who says he or she was for Clinton but is now voting for McCain, who opposes all of her programs.  The linked article seems to say that the binding belief of these people is that Obama is too inexperienced.  These are obviously people who would have jumped for Nixon over Kennedy, who did not vote for Bill Clinton the first time and would not have considered Reagan or Bush.  They seem to be going for McCain because he has aged in the Senate, not for what he has done there.

This can’t be real can it?  Why isn’t Clinton expressing shock and betrayal over this?  Does she believe in her own policies?  I would really like to know what is behind this, as it makes no sense and I have not found an explanation even from the people who are quoted as members of this group.


5 Responses to Clinton Supporters for McCain?

  1. Mel Maron says:

    I couldn’t agree more. To say that a mix of 100 Republicans, Independents, and ex Clinton supportere showed up, without saying even roughly what fraction were the latter, is shoddy reporting of the highest order.

    Shame on you CNN! Claiming the “best political team on TV” is now right up there in absurdity with Fox news calling itself “fair and balanced.”

  2. rodney says:

    possibly a hoax. maybe there are no clinton supporters at this function. maybe the republicans got together and decided to call it a clinton happy hour. no real news from cnn. i think the cnn article would been well represented at the website. good try cnn.

  3. John Rellick says:

    CNN “reported” in this story that “54-year-old Democrat joined several other Hillary Clinton supporters,” Thus we can conclude that the event attracted about 4 or maybe 5 people who claimed to be Hillary backers who do not support McCain. The event also attracted at least 4 McCain staffers. So we see pictures of the 2 or 3 Hillary supporters, and the 4 McCain staffers and a couple of Hillary supporters talking with the press. Then we have some hard statistics- a poll showing that 27% of Clinton supporters now support McCain. This statistic is used to support the conclusion that:”And nowhere was that statistic more prevalent than at the RNC-sponsored happy hour for Hillary.” What garbage reporting this is. 4 people at a Republican-sponsored event are clear evidence of – absolutely nothing. CNN needs to spend more time at the convention and less time at the RNC-sponsored controversy machine.

  4. Used2bdemocrat says:

    Could this writer truly be so ignorant? After all, electing a President of the USA is not a sporting event, it is not about being on the winning team, and it is about Americans winning by the correct choice being made. This election could cause drastic changes for people’s everyday lives, not just for tomorrow, but for generations to come. What most fail to understand is that many democrats will never vote for obama, not because of policy issues, but because of ideological issues. These voters will vote based on the country’s best interest, not party affiliation. They will vote for democracy, not greed and corruption. They will vote based on the electorate making the decision, not on party insiders and leadership pushing their wishes upon the electorate. For this particular ex-democrat, I will never vote for a black supremacist, marxist/socialist obama. He is wrong for America. I believe the question should be asked, “how could anyone vote against our country by supporting such a racist, marxist, radical fraud as obama?”


  5. SR001 says:

    Clinton voters turned McCain voters makes absolutely no sense to me as well. To date, I have not heard a good reason for the betrayel. It has been proven that McCain has stood with Bush 90% of the time. Big business and trade is priority. The average (middle class) and women are not a priority to his party. How can he promiss more jobs when he was working on free trade agreements in Mexico? How can he support Oil companies and big business when they are extorting the average worker? Face it, 95% will not make it into the 5% of the wealthiest in the nation. Many of these people have just found more ways to extort Americans and widen the gap for wages between corporate owners and the working class. The price of the barrel isn’t raising gas prices; greed is!!!! What is the purpose of giving tax breaks for jobs to leave the US when they already have the incentive of paying less wages when they leave? Isn’t it true they also are not taxed when they bring the products back? But we are!! The breaks for big business doesn’t go to us, it goes to their record surplusses to line the pockets of billionaires who “would sell their souls to the devil.!” They worship green!

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