McCain on Leno: Relaxed and Cordial

Here’s McCain talking on Leno Monday.  He is obviously much better chatting than giving a speech, where he too often seems oddly lost and confused.  What strikes me is how the candidate’s talking point differ so much from his voting record.  Broad generalities excite the crowd even when they diverge from both the voting record and prior position statements.  This of course is true on both sides.

Poor Obama he is being painted as a liberal by the Republicans and right wing by the liberals.   But come to think of it that is probably exactly how he would like to be painted.

It is interesting that McCain says that the reason for the attack ads is that Obama will not agree to a series of town hall meetings across the country.  That sounds like a softly worded threat or bribe offer to me.  He wants to fashion these meetings in the same was as agreed upon by Kennedy and Goldwater.

I had not heard of this agreement between Kennedy and Goldwater to conduct town hall meetings across the country.  McCain claims that his proposal about town hall meetings is the same as the one that was agreed to by Kennedy, the president, and Goldwater, someone planning to seek the Republican nomination when the primaries started in 1964.  He said that this process between Kennedy and Goldwater was interrupted by the tragedy in Dallas.

Interrupted by Kennedy’s death?  Goldwater was not his party’s candidate in November 1963. They could not possibly have had a binding agreement or much of an agreement of any kind.   Certainly no debates were interrupted by Kennedy’s death.  Is McCain saying that there had been a binding agreement for presidential debates between Kennedy and a  person who would not face even a primary election until 1964?  I assume there may have been discussions, but wouldn’t this be just a little tentative, since Republicans had not chosen who they were going to run as their candidate?


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