Bush to Say McCain Learned Lessons of 9/11

Let’s see what were those lessons.  We should have kept a cabinet anti-terrorist chair?  We should have given our anti-terrorist czar access to the National Security Adviser?  We should pay attention to what our anti-terrorist czar tells us?  We should heed warning from the FBI of an immanent attack involving planes?  That we should avoid hasty statements like McCain’s that we should invade Iraq and the war would be over in a short time.  That we should avoid quick judgments like McCain’s that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction?  That we should equip our troops better? That we should better respect U.N. inspectors and their reports?  That we should have better ability to care for our injured troops?  That our military adventures can result in the increase of terrorist activity and preparedness?  That war can drive us into debt and hurt our economy?


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