Two Media, Two Worlds

Today Amy Goodman was arrested.  There are videos of the arrest but right now it is not clear exactly what charges have been made.  (Here’s her narrative of events leading up to the arrest.) This was a thunderbolt through the independent media community and, because of her many awards, should at least have been noteworthy to big media.  It, however, has not merited mention in the releases of the corporate-controlled media, who are reporting an entirely different world.

Compare this report of the heroic supression of anarchists with this report of police attacks and actual interviews with the “anarchists.”  Here is a report and interesting video interview involving a gunpoint raid of a house containing independent journalists.  Here’s another uncontrolled report.  This side of things is ignored in the mainstream media’s widely reported battle between the forces of good and evil anarchists.  (Here are some pictures of the “anarchists.”)   The Washington Post to its credit presented an even-handed report of the people in the streets.

There is more local controversy about police action against independent media than the major media reports.

To report Amy’s arrest would give credence to a media that is not consonant with the major outlets.  I wonder whether any major outlet at all will make mention of this.  I seriously doubt it but I would love to be surprised.

On my way to work one day I was listening to the car radio and flipping between Democracy Now! on 91.3 FM and NPR.  I was listening to reports of the flight of Jean-Bertrand Aristide from Haiti.  NPR was reporting that Aristide had suddenly quit and was abandoning his country for places unknown.  It was interviewing Condoleezza Rice and other government officials who expressed puzzlement at what was happening.  Amy Goodman was interviewing Aristide’s driver who was present when about two dozen gunmen burst in and forced him out of his office and into a plane.  She spoke with others on the scene, all of whom said that the kidnappers were American.

Amy herself now seems to find herself in one of these parallel universes.

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