Obama Takes the Gloves Off

The gloves are coming off. With McCain having launched what Joe Klein of Time Magazine calls “one of the sleaziest ads . . . ever seen in presidential politics

Obama has reconsidered his campaign-long urging of supporters not to put money into 527 groups. He is withdrawing that plea and advising folks that he has done that.

If ever there was a person vulnerable to attack ads, McCain certainly is. There is already a wealth of material on You Tube.

With the media not doing even a vaguely credible job debunking the misinformation that is already being thrown out in these ads, Obama is not going to turn the other cheek by holding back his supporters.

The media plays such an important role in the dissemination of information, the abnegation of its most critical function, seems to create a Hobbsian jungle of attacks and disinformation campaigns

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