The October Surprise?

In July President Bush authorized assaults into Pakistan without the need for further approval.  This was done secretly here, although to the Pakistanis I’m sure that there was no secret about it.   I may have gotten paranoid but it seems to me that this last year has seen many attempts at military provocation in the Mideast on our part.  First there was the “discovery” of weapons supplied by Iran to Iraqi forces.  This was exposed as at the very least highly questionable.

Then there was the “attack” by a pleasure craft on an American war ship in the Persian Gulf.  Then it was determined that the tape of communications from the pleasure craft had been doctored and that the ship was probably within Iran’s waters but not threatened.

There has been a great deal of publicity about the nuclear threat presented by Iran that is rebutted by our own most recent National Intelligence Estimate.

The most recent dust up between Russia and Georgia was apparently provoked by the U.S. ‘s encouragement of Georgia to attack.

It is generally viewed that an international military incident before the election would favor McCain.  With Dick Cheney as our envoy to the Mideast right now please forgive me if I worry about political motivation for stirring up an incident.  This attitude is caused in substantial part by the concealed motivation for invading Iraq and the trumped up justifications.

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