McCain’s Attack Ads Starting to Backfire

Maybe there are limits on how far a candidate can go in attacking the opponent.  MCCain has been having it both ways by issuing scandalously inaccurate ads from his “Straight Talk Express.”  The media, particularly CNN, seemed to delight in picking up the distortions and playing them over and over, giving them day-long free play on the t.v.

According to the New York Times McCain is suffering some blowback for this brand of sleaziness.  Conscienceless distortions and lies ought to be a primary subject in public discourse and maybe it has gotten bad enough that a strongly disinclined media will start taking its role seriously.

What is McCain threatening the media with that he has gotten away with this for so long?  While the media twidles their thumbs even Carl Rove thinks bounds have been exceeded.  McCain has long been a media favorite but is he so favored that the media are willing to abdicate their role in society?  There should be a price to pay for lying to gain office.


3 Responses to McCain’s Attack Ads Starting to Backfire

  1. pacer521 says:

    yeah — he pretty much deserves it in this case. Those ads were pretty brutal and most of the stuff wasn’t true or taken out of context.

  2. I’m not yet confident that McCain’s negative ads are hurting him since I don’t see a change in the current polling trends, which still favor him. Yes, the distortions have gotten attention from the View, CNN, and Karl Rove, but are ordinary Americans paying attention? My guess is that they’ll read the whole thing as a ‘he said, he said’ spat with no clear resolution.

    On a different point, the ads McCain has launched are most likely nothing compared to what the American Interests group (the people who swiftboated Kerry) are planning to do in the 11th hour of the election. They’re reportedly putting polishing touches on a last-minute attack ad to be blitzed right before the election.

    My view is that Dems should’ve expected no less than these sorts of attacks from the McCain camp. Did they really think he’d just lay down and let Obama happily spring over him into the White House. McCain’s ambitious as hell. He brought in Sarah, which was smart and now these ads, which, if I’m reading the polls right, actually seem to be paying off (maybe the numbers will shift next week–let’s hope). If the swiftboaters get their way, worse is to come. But what did we expect? We’ve endorsed a young, black, liberal junior Senator for president. He’s my candidate and I think he can win, but no one should be surprised if some pretty thick mud gets slung his way.

  3. Mona says:

    Where is main stream Media? McCain’s ads are not truthful yet there is no black lash.. Just imagine if it was Obama. Main stream media will go after Obama. McCain is the darling of the main stream Media, specialty CNN

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