Newsweek: Palin Least Popular of the 4 Candidates

All the negative publicity is beginning to take a toll as Palin slides in the polls.  Newsweek says the events of last weekend precipitated a dramatic decline.

This sinking feeling must be felt by Republican strategists as they have induced CNN to report that socialite Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild, among the world’s extremely rich, is going to vote for McCain.  She did back Hillary but in a series of published interviews was unable to articulate a reason for this other than Republicans have a bad track record with the economy.  The Democratic Party, weighing money against principle, put her on its platform committee, a platform from which she will stump for McCain.  No sympathy for the Democrats.  Recent events must have somehow disabused her of her distrust of Republican with the economy.  She said that she could not support Obama because he was an “elitist.”  Read her interviews and see how sincere you think that assessment is.

This is what  the “stampede of women” to McCain has come to.   Palin’s slide apparently accounts for Obama retaking the lead in the current Reuter’s poll.

The Republican Party has adopted its standard procedure in this familiar situation.  It is the same procedure pursued Bush: highly regulated media access, and opaque to entirely obscured “disclosure.”  First, they are trying to block efforts in Alaska to resolve the ethics investigation.  The party against lawyers and courts is once again making liberal use of them. Second they are not permitting her to speak freely.  She is required to read script or be quiet.

This may avert a disastrous episode but is will also deter the groundswell of support for her.  How quickly things turn around


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    — Montgomery Burns

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