Are the Wheels Falling Off McCain’s Wagon?

Today, as leaders wrangle over the future of American capitalism, Sarah Palin was inviting pictures to be taken of her with world leader types and being briefed on foreign affairs.  She would not allow journalists to see the photo opportunity until CNN refused to be so brazenly used for publicity purposes.  After 40 seconds of listening to small talk the me3dia was dismissed.  Her experience in Wasilla and the year and a half in the governor’s office was apparently deemed sufficient for domestic issues.  (Who can argue with the need for this after she blithely considered going to war with Russia in one of her two recent interviews.)

The question is whether this sort of thing will counterbalance the flack McCain is taking for lying on attack ads against Obama, and for seemingly irrational responses to the economic crisis.

What has not come to the forefront is McCain’s career long undeviating commitment to deregulation.  This is what I want him to address.  While Obama says that recent events will require a re-analysis of the wisdom of proceeding with some of the plans he has proposed, McCain has launched a barrage of denials and finger pointing that is fast alienating people on his side of the fence.

It has gotten to the point where not just Sarah Palin is in hiding from journalists, but it seems that the whole campaign has burried its head in the sand and is carefully cheery picking interviews.


2 Responses to Are the Wheels Falling Off McCain’s Wagon?

  1. James says:

    The wheels may be falling off the campaign, but it certainly does look like McCain wanted to make the Russia issue his foreign policy ticket to the White House. It might have worked had there not been an economic crisis.

    Two things you guys might from interesting from our blog:

    Why the Kremlin has voted for McCain:

    And one thing the candidates agree on in Russia:

  2. Simon W says:

    See why Governor Palin is becoming irrelevant and why this outcome comes as no surprise to me in:
    “The dichotomy in the Ideology of the Republican Party Political Ticket; Indicative of an Identity Crisis likely to Torpedo their Message”, 9/07/08

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