McCain Owns Fewer Cars than Average (Per House)

John McCain advocates deregulation of insurance for our healthcare and praises the effects of deregulation in the banking industry while calling for more regulation on Wall Street.  This has some people confused.

Those who know John McCain to be a down to earth guy and were a little stymied by the fact that he didn’t know how many houses he owns will be relieved to know that his ownership of automobiles is not just modest, but below average.  As two cars per household becomes the standard in this country, Senator McCain has learned to live with reduced expectations. His thirteen cars work out to be fewer per house than the rest of the country has learned to live with.

The Obama family’s single car just proves that he is an elitist intellectual.  McCain has certianly proven that he is not an intellectual.  His discourse on the benefits of deregulation leaves him scrambling to regain footing as rational.


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