Palin Could Fill in at the Debate

McCain has suspended the campaign without any warning whatsoever virtually on the eve of his debate on foreign policy. Here is a good opportunity for him to show up the nay sayers. Sarah Palin isn’t busy. Why not let her fill in at the debate Friday?

After all she has lived closer to Russia than Obama and has now met with world leaders.

This could put a lot of voter angst to rest. The last vice president who was notoriously obscure was Millard Fillmore, who ran with Zachary Taylor. Fillmore was thought to add to the ticket by counterbalancing Taylor’s status as a slave owning military man but no one knew much about him. To the surprise and dismay of many Fillmore became president after just one year and presided over his party’s (Whig) slide into factionalism and eventual obscurity.

Sarah Palin stepping into the debate would show her readiness for succession to the presidency and could be just what the ticket needs to regain momentum. Here is her chance to walk her talk and serve the democracy as well, by showing us what is behind all the assurances about readiness.

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