McCain’s Failed Media Manipulation

The Washington Post described McCain’s attempts to manipulate the media into seeing him as a savior of the economy last week.  The effort failed but it is a relief to see the media reporting on efforts to manipulate reporting instead of the mindless dictation that we have grown accustomed to seeing.

With the vigilance shown by internet reporters it is harder to get away with easy verbal tricks.  McCain “suspended” his campaign so that he could go to Washington to take care of matters, saying that this is not the sort of thing that you can do by phone.  Today he said that he is handling the bailout by phone.  From the looks of things neither approach has worked for him.

McCain was apparently taking credit for achieving the bailout, at least until the vote failed.  The House Republicans were the group that he specifically targeted in his trip to Washington but they seem to be the ones who torpedoed that bill today.  He faulted Obama for being on the sidelines, when I am unable to discern the slightest positive impact of his theatrics.

One Response to McCain’s Failed Media Manipulation

  1. Kurt says:

    Unfortunately, McCain’s theatrics have worked. At least ten republican congressmen who were on the short end of the polls have already gained strength by fighting against republican President Bush’s own bailout bill.
    McCain is gaining support in certain close districts because of this down-ticket momentum. By the way, I’m an Obama supporter, and this news doesn’t please me.

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