Unions are Getting Feisty

United Mine Workers of America in Monogaliao County West Virginia took a day off after the mine owner, Consol, apparently authorized an NRA film crew on the mining premises to film an anti-Obama piece featuring the mine workers.  The mine workers’ union had endorsed Obama without involving the workplace or the owner in anyway and objected to intrusion at work by the film crew.  This event is discussed in more detail here.

I think people often overlook the importance of unions in the political process, not to mention in the lives of the members.

It was just in May that the Longshoremen struck to show their opposition to the Iraq War, a courageous gesture made while most people were just muttering their objection to it.

It is not often mentioned that a part of the deregulation fenzy that has gripped the nation was the weakening of unions around the country.  This is certainly a good time for their resurgence.

One Response to Unions are Getting Feisty

  1. roger horton says:

    I whole heartedly support the Unions Position and hope that the nra got the message.

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