Palinisms: We Need Them

October 10, 2008

Here’s a take off on the magazine that Sarah Palin “said” that she reads.

Just as Bill Clinton’s antics provided comics with grist for years, Palin seems to be a constant source of material for comics and satirists.

This campaign has presented a number of vivid memories and images. The chant “drill, baby, drill” at the Republican convention will always stick in my mind. Everyone knows that offshore drilling will not have an effect on gas prices, that it creates environmental risks and that the only real incentive is profit for oil companies. The crowd at the Republican convention deliriously and defiantly shouting their chant for me was a vivid image of how the intoxicating effect of personal profit can smother a sense of community and the general good.

Obama’s speech on race was a bit of history that we were privileged to witness. McCain’s comeback after being viciously smeared in North Carolina during the 2000 campaign for the nomination , then faltering early in this nomination campaign was stirring.

Even with all that, Palin’s interviews have been priceless. She makes the campaign seem a little like a Shakespearian play, providing comic relief and perspective on the process.