Google CEO Jumps on Obama Train

With the CEO of Google campainging for him, Colin Powell endorsing him and Warren Buffet advising him, Barack Obama does not look like your typical terrorist-socialist.  It is hard to imagine that this continual drum beat character assisination will serve McCain well.  It seems to me that he is trading credibility for whatever is to be gained by demagoguery.  That seems like a poor bargain as with McCain’s experience and the current crisis of confidence in the president. the loss of credibility would be a critical loss for McCain.

One Response to Google CEO Jumps on Obama Train


    I cannot understand people thinking that Boroak is a muslim, terrorist, and anything else they can contrive! Borak and family attended their church regularly and it was his “pastor” who caused the family grief.

    Please people get a grip….McCain will do or say anything to put Borak and his family down. This happens when the cancdidate who clearly has lost the election is hanging by his finger nails., what else can he do?

    I am Canadian and I am proud of it, buit Borak will lead all the countries of the world, including Canada into a more prosperous enviroment. My prayers and best wishes to Mr. Obama and Mr. Joe Biden. in the 2008 election. I will be watching as i have done for the last year. GO OBAMA!!!!


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