About Northwestlaw

This blog is done by Rand L. Koler & Associates, PS a Seattle law firm focusing on real estate, business and litigation.  The firm has a commitment to community service and reduces charges for people with a low income.  It represents both individuals and businesses and welcomes inquiries.

Rand can be contacted at (206) 621-6440 or rand@kolerlaw.com. You can also visit our website at http://www.kolerlaw.com.

5 Responses to About Northwestlaw

  1. Bob F says:

    How about an update on the Washington vs. Torkild foreclosure scam trial? I cannot find any information about the outcome online.


  2. northwestlaw says:

    I’m not familiar with this, but I’d be glad to find out about it if you’ll provide more information.

  3. Lonnie E. Roberts, Jr. says:


    Not a “response,” but a question.

    I recently heard part of a conservative talk-show host’s commentary. I will paraphrase here. In it he said that there was Federal legislation allowing environmentalist activists to bring actions in courts blocking industrial or other activities they deem objectionable. Also, he said that the law in question provides no recourse for other concerned citizens to file countersuits to their actions.

    Could there be any truth in this? If true, it might explain who is making it so difficult for our still-great nation to remain so.


  4. northwestlaw says:

    The only federal law that I’m aware of is the National Environmental Policy Act which requires an environmental impact statement for large potentially damaging project. Environmentalists and others will file suit if they believe that damaging effects of the project have not been adequately examined. For example the State of Washington brought one these suits to look more closely at the shipments of radioactive waste to Hanford. The lawsuit was the only way the State could get review of the federal governments decision to ship more nuclear waste into an already leaking facility. Only a small portion of federal projects are the subject of lawsuits.

    Private projects are subject to state and local laws, not usually federal statutes. In my experience meritless claims are usually thrown out of court promptly.

  5. Ed Ackerson says:

    I’m interested in some fact checking behind Fox News latest “Saving our Economy.” It goes beyond mere partisianship into what could be just plain misinformation. At least I’m assuming this would be the case given the medium.
    My concern is the timing of this show and it’s attempt at reaching the undecided voters at the 12th hour.
    Any information or sources of information you could provide would be a great help.
    Ed Ackerson

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