Osama Bin Laden and Nostradamus

July 8, 2008

Remember ten years ago? When the price of gas was $11 a barrel? That was one of the things that ticked Osama Bin Laden off. (He of course was in the minority of people who supported the invasion of Iraq, as it would eliminate a sworn enemy, Sadam, destabilize the region and inspire opposition to the U.S. As we know, according to our National Intelligence Estimate these things have come to pass.)

But before the invasion the price of gas irked Bin Laden. When asked what the price should be he responded $144 per barrel. It seems that even this ambition has been realized, as the price is now at Bin Laden’s prescribed level.

The Off Shore Drilling Proposal = Summer Gas Tax Issue

June 23, 2008

By now hopefully everyone knows that giving the oil companies a carte blanche on drilling would have no effect on gas prices, at least not for a couple of decades and then it might reduce the price by one percent or so. Obama and McCain debating this issue is exactly like the Obama-Clinton debate on the summer suspension of the gas tax: It’s a red herring. This offers no solution whatsoever and is presented solely to falsely tantalize voters.

It hurts McCain to be offering up gimmicks like this as solutions.  Obama comes off looking much more serious and far sighted.  Voters may be smarter than McCain believes as two thirds of Americans support Obama’s position.