The Senate Conservatives Fund: Soliciting Money From the Mentally Inactive

June 25, 2008

I just looked at the Senate Conservatives Fund website. This is fascinating stuff!

Remember, this site is the Republicans’ site for people who do not want to give money to the party because it has strayed from conservative principles. I was quite curious to see how they would do this.

It is certainly not intended to appeal to my disaffected friends. It’s that same extremist radio talk show format where you rant about a few easily identifiable matters that on the surface would not garner anyone’s support. There is a daily “pork report” identifying instances of government waste. This little entry focuses on relatively small items of waste in the federal government, but the site does not address any of the issues.

Because it is run by Republicans it cannot very well advocate for a balanced budget or balanced trade or any of those big picture things. Spending in the Mideast is of course out, as that would put the party in an awkward position. So they identify what they claim are instances of government waste. The “pork report” could be put on the website of almost any political party.

With respect to the pending mortgage crisis bill, it does not criticize anyone voting for it, as most Republicans are doing that. Instead it identifies the nine congressmen who voted against it.

There is a little list on the right margin that identifies “what conservatives are for.” The list though is little more than a string of meaningless buzz words, like “national security.” No explanation of the meaning of these terms is offered. Obviously, they are intended to mean whatever the viewer believes they mean.

This is for sure not a site for a thoughtful person who has issues with the Republican Party. It just omits reference to the party and contains little more than empty slogans.

The site identifies twenty close races for Senate seats and asks the reader to identify the true conservatives who are running. I could find no meaningful assurances about precisely how the donations that it solicits will be used.