The New York Times: Obama Up By 5%.

September 18, 2008

The polls are getting interesting.  The New York Times has Obama with a 5% lead and most of the country (and the world) skeptical of McCain’s claim to be the agent of dramatic change in Washington.  I find it heartening that we are not dumb enough that merely saying something is not good enough to influence the opinion of most voters.  Apparently the notion still survives that there ought to be some substance to assertions.

Seventy-five percent see Sarah Palin as a gambit by McCain to get elected rather than his choice as most qualified for office.  Think though that 25% of the people believe that she is the most qualified Republican to be vice president and lead the country in a pinch while it is at war and in the middle of a financial crisis.  Skeptical Democrats might go along with that but presumably one in four people accept what McCain says about her as the truth.  These are not inquiring minds.